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    GeneTalk 2.0
    Analyze Human Sequence Variants

GeneTalk Variant Analyzer

The Professional Network and Online Tool for Geneticists


your sequence variants with genotype frequencies, inheritance models, and expert curated gene panels.


sequence variants and find out what other GeneTalk users say about specific mutations.


with other GeneTalk users about sequence variants and their biological and medical implications. Join the large professional online network for geneticists worldwide!


your variants using powerful tools such as PEDIA and Face2Gene.

About GeneTalk

The GeneTalk project startet in July 2011. Peter Krawitz, human geneticist at Charite Berlin, had the vision of a platform, where experts in human genetics from all over the world can exchange their research results, discuss open questions and form cooperations for new projects. Further, the platform should be a tool to filter NGS data and help in analyzing patient's data. Tom Kamphans, computer scientist, liked the idea and started to work on the implementiation of the platform. In October 2011, the first version of GeneTalk went online. In 2012, GeneTalk was funded by a grand from the EU and the german ministry of economy and technology (EXIST). Peter and Tom founded the company GeneTalk GmbH in August 2013. In 2018, GeneTalk started a collaboration with FDNA for computing feature- and gestalt-scores for variants. In 2019, GeneTalk added a service for computing polygenic risk scores.